1929–30 Left Handed Solomonoff Theremin

1929–30 Left Handed Solomonoff Theremin

Who Commissioned This Instrument?

Unverified, possibly Henry Solomonoff.

Who Owned This Instrument?

Henry Solomonoff

Where is This Instrument Now?

Private Owner

What Do We Know About This Instrument?

It is housed in a stock RCA cabinet made by Jamestown Mantel Co., with a serial number of 116, modified with removable legs and altered to facilitate left-handed playing. See details below.

Why is it Special?

This instrument is one of the ten Victor Theremins that performed at Carnegie Hall on April 25th, 1930 (albeit with custom-built internals).

The pitch and volume resonance coils have been transferred from one side of the assembly board to the other, with connecting wires extended, and by moving the antenna mounts to opposite ends of the cabinet and plugging the holes left by the original positions.

Tube Complement:


Not currently available, but predominately similar to the RCA factory schematic, with minor differences.


Photos courtesy of Floyd Engels