1933–34 Theremin Studio Theremin

1933–34 Theremin Studio Theremin

Who Commissioned This Instrument?

Unknown, possibly experimental model not intended for sale.

Who Owned This Instrument?

Where is This Instrument Now?

Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio

What Do We Know About this Instrument?

Metal chassis, mounted horizontally, resonance coils mounted directly to top of chassis. Integrated power supply, audio stages and instrument circuits on single chassis.

This is the only theremin to have emerged from Lev's 37 West 54th Street Studio that does not have a conventional power transformer. It is also the only one to employ 25 volt filament tubes (25Z5 voltage doublers, type 43 volume oscillator, type 43 audio output), in addition to the 2.5 volt filament pitch oscillator and mixer tubes, which are found in all of the known Lev-built theremins. It is housed in a stock RCA cabinet made by Jamestown Mantel Co, with a serial number of 235.

Why is it Special?

This theremin is also the only known Lev-built instrument to have a paper label affixed that identifies it as a Theremin Studio instrument, suggesting a possible patent model connection. The paper, attached to a back door and protected by a clear celluloid window, is from Theremin Studio letterhead, and has typed information. The typewriter has been identified as one used by Theremin Studio during the 1930s. There are hand-written numbers inside the metal chassis, that match Lev's writing on the 1929–30 Theremin. The red painted numbers on top bear similarities to the red numbers on the 1932 Rhythmicon.

Theremin Studio Label

Tube Complement:

Schematic & Pictorial Wiring Illustration