Experience & Instrument Service

The following is a partial list of vintage theremins that we have repaired, restored, or provided services or parts.

RCA Theremins

  1. 100002
    Supplied replica antenna
  2. 100006 (Clara Rockmore's Lev-Modified Theremin) Musical Instrument Museum (Phoenix, AZ)
    Restored pitch range & tonal fidelity Technical and historical documentation, composed docent notes, Accession advice
  3. 100023 Science Museum, UK
    Tube selection, paint touchup, tone resistor added
  4. 100029 Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project (EMEAPP)(Philadelphia, PA)
    Electronic repairs
  5. 100043
    High voltage repairs, oscillator adjustments, cabinet rebuild, full cleaning of all electrical contacts
  6. 100050 Musical Instrument Museum (Phoenix, AZ)
    Accession advice
  7. 100065
    Conducted disassembly & successful repairs via telephone
  8. 100083
  9. 100088
    Cabinet rebuild with replica legs, French polish finish, service
  10. 100104
    Supplied replica antenna
  11. 100110
  12. 100118
    Full cleaning of all electrical contacts, tuning, advice
  13. 100119 Bruce Wooley
    Repaired skip effect, Tube selection, tuning
  14. 100143
    General reconditioning, vacuum tube auditioning & voicing
  15. 100145 Experience Music Project (Seattle, WA)
    Report and info, Consultation, improved accuracy of file data, general information
  16. 100156 The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting (St Louis Park, MN)
    Electronic repairs, Condition and performance assessment, demonstration
  17. 100197
    New antenna, PCRC repairs
  18. 100200
    Full cleaning of all electrical contacts, vacuum tube auditioning & voicing
  19. 100207
    Electronic repairs
  20. 100222 Bob and Peter Sherman
    Cabinet body and leg repairs, French polish finish, full cleaning of all electrical contacts, Repairs, tuning
  21. 100242 Bob and Peter Sherman
    Full cleaning of all electrical contacts, cabinet repairs
  22. 100249
    Volume problem fix
  23. 100265
    Resistor fix, new cabinet
  24. 100268
    Repair of chassis wire bundle, full cleaning of all electrical contacts, cabinet touch-up and replacement of missing hardware
  25. 100270
    Cabinet Leg repair, electronic fixes
  26. 100296 The University of New Mexico
    Power up and testing
  27. 200008 The Bob Moog Foundation
    Condition assessments and advice
  28. 200023
    Coil fix, antenna repair, cabinet cleaning and polishing, door hinge fix
  29. 200047
    Supplied replica antenna
  30. 200066
    Electronic repairs
  31. 200075 The estate of Neil Young
  32. 200082
    Electronic repairs
  33. 200089
    Reproduction cabinet and hardware, full electronic restoration
  34. 200102
  35. 200112
    Cabinet rebuild with replica legs, French polish finish, repairs
  36. 200118
    106 Loudspeaker sourcing and installation guidance
  37. 200150 The Franklin Institue (Philadelphia, PA)
    Power supply replacement, repaired thermal instability, general repairs, Composed staff operating instructions, public theremin demonstrations, Prepared notes to aid Travel Channel feature, Mysteries at the Museum
  38. 200171 Gotye (Wally de Backer)
    Consulting, repairs, maintenance, and tuning
  39. 200180

Lev Termen-made Instruments

  1. 1929–30 Theremin
    Oscillator measurements, performance assessment, documentation
  2. “Theremin Studio” Theremin Gotye (Wally de Backer)
  3. New York Theremin
  4. Rockmore Theremin
    Phone-guided repairs
  5. September Theremin Caramoor Center for Music and the in Arts (Bedford, NY)
    Repairs, documentation, Prepared secure packing and shipping instructions, Peripheral acquisition advice
  6. North Carolina Theremin
    Power up and testing
  7. Greenfield Theremin
    Repairs, documentation