Replica Parts, Vacuum Tubes, and Crate Plans

Replica RCA Theremin Documents

Set of all four replica RCA Theremin documentsReplica RCA Theremin Manual spreadReplica RCA Theremin Service Notes spreadReplica RCA Theremin Brochure spreadReplica Victor Theremin Brochure spreadSet of all four original RCA Theremin documents

We're pleased to announce this collection of historical documents for the RCA Theremin, recreated by Mike Buffington. The collection includes reproductions of the original 1929 owner’s manual for the RCA Theremin, two unique sales brochures, and the RCA Theremin Service Notes. All were recreated from exceptionally rare surviving documents, and produced to match the originals in every detail.

Purchase sets or individual documents from the publisher, Forgotten Futures

Replica Antenna Set

Replica Antenna Set, pitch rod and expression loop

Our antennas are nickel plated brass, hand machined and exactly replicate one of our own theremin's original set. We are the only maker of 100% accurate replica antennas, down to every detail.

$175 for pitch antenna, $200 for volume loop

$350 combined price for the complete set

Replica RCA Theremin License Notice

Hand holding a replica RCA Theremin License NoticeHand holding 4 replica RCA Theremin License NoticesClose up of paper License NoticeClose up of paper License NoticeClose up of paper License NoticePrinting Plate for the License Notice

This paper label is an authentic reproduction letter-pressed just like the original onto acid-free, 81 lb. text gold paper. No other replica comes close to being this authentic. Includes mounting template for accurately positioning the label on your theremin door. Please provide your chassis serial number when ordering, so we can provide the correct template for your particular instrument.

$30.00 including shipping within America

Vacuum Tubes & Sets

Eight Globe Vacuum Tubes

All of our vacuum tubes are rigorously tested and carefully packed to arrive in good condition. We sell used, guaranteed, name-brand, vintage American tubes that test strong and have been life-tested on a Hickok 539C tube tester to ensure many hours of reliable use. Our tubes are free of shorts, secondary emission, loose particles, cracked or loose bases, and other defects.

RCA Theremins use discontinued tube types. In addition to our used stock we occasionally have NOS tubes available. Contact us for current pricing for individual tubes or complete spare sets.

Theremin Shipping Crate Plans

A spread of a few pages from the Theremin Shipping Crate PlansA photo of the Crate with a theremin insideA photo of the Crate with a silkscreen label

A 16 page PDF document fully outlining how to create a sturdy crate out of one sheet of half-inch plywood, foam, and dimensional lumber. A complete bill of materials, cut sheet, and foam lining dimensions are included. We've designed and built these for ourselves, and they are robust, lightweight, and compact!


Images above represent typical examples of material that we provide. Each order is fulfilled on an individual basis with quality stock on hand.

Email us at experts @ to place an order.