Adding to the RCA Theremin Registry

We welcome the opportunity to have contributors add to our knowledge base with additional details about their RCA Theremin. Be a dynamic part of this living history by contributing the serial numbers of your instrument, or those you're aware of, to the active RCA Theremin Registry.

We encourage as much information as you're willing to give. We appreciate all contributions and respect your privacy. If you want to remain private, just let us know in your email, and the owner information of your instrument will be listed as private.

Tier 1: The Simplest

The minimum required information is a photograph of the chassis serial. To locate serial numbers, please see our identification page. If the theremin has its original doors, we would like to document the cabinet serial number as well. Photo documentation of the serial number is now required to prevent errors of misread serial numbers and duplicate entries.

Tier 2: The Generous

In addition to the chassis and door serial numbers, we are also looking for as much provenance as may be known; prior owners, interesting stories relating to your particular theremin, etc. Please also provide the city where currently located, the speaker that accompanies it, when (and how) it was acquired, purchase price, and photos of the theremin itself. It would also be good to know if the legs are missing or replacements, and if the cabinet has its original finish. Photos should include at least: the front and back of the instrument, an interior view and especially photos of the serial number and door numbers. Private information that we collect for verification purposes, but will not post on the Registry: Your email address, phone number, and address of owner.

Tier 3: The Nitty-Gritty

In addition to the above, extra details that are helpful include: Photos that clearly show both of the tall coils in the back of the theremin, photos of the underside of the chassis and power supply (to identify restorations and production trends), photos of the underside of the large three inch coil forms, and whether or not the theremin has the extra tone resistor at the top of the UY-224 mixer tube.

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